Web & App Developement

Web & App Developement

There are over 1.5 billion websites worldwide today, and still the graph is escalating upwards. Online presence of business has become an essential part of modern-day market. Making website is not only the first step in creating online presence, but it is also an effective way of showing your potential customers the kind of business you do. Further for the convenience of the website visitors, one can develop application to make user experience easier and more efficient. Websites & Applications come with benefit of choices like…. —

Websites Application
Static Native Apps
Dynamic Hybrid Apps
  Web Apps

Ideally to show just the information about the business and its service/products Static websites are required, while Dynamic websites are informative as well as interactive. In static websites content can’t be changed depending on the users, but dynamic websites or web page can show different content each time it is visited, it can also show different content at different times of the day etc. Brochure websites are examples of static websites, while ecommerce & blog websites are some examples of dynamic website. Static websites are easy to develop with simple HTML code & provide information, but dynamic websites can be a little more complex than static when it comes to development or designing. Choosing right kind of website can effective reduce the cost of its development, similarly, choosing right kind of application for your business is essential. Business owners who look out for pocket friendly application with needed features opt out for Webapps. It is pocket friendly and is developed on CSS platform. Webapp needs data or internet to function. User experience is more enhanced with Hybrid apps, hybrid app is little costlier than webapp. To develop hybrid app Java and CSS platforms are used. User can use hybrid app online as well as offline only by the help of “progressive app “. For the best user experience Native apps are essential, it is developed on Java platform and works online as well as offline. As it is the feature loaded app it is costlier than the other two types.  With so many types and features of websites and apps, It is not difficult to get confused. Many a times because of this confusion people develop or design the irrelevant websites and apps, sometimes they also overpay for limited resources. Smart ITCentre and its team of professional developers look forward to digitalizing businesses with the best functional and good looking websites and apps in the most affordable way possible.

At Smart ITCentre also know as SITC, you also get choices in the category of the websites. We design

  • Ecommerce website.
  • Brochure website.
  • Blog website

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