Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service and create and share content on social media networks in order to achieve marketing and branding goals. Social media marketing includes activities like uploading text and image updates and videos, and content that drives audience engagement. Due to social media gaining exponential popularity in the past decade, most of business firms and start-ups are starting to promote their brand on social media. Businesses use social media to elevate their brand, gain exposure and reach a wider range of audience as social media is not restricted to only one area/state but  has an international impact. It is through social media that one gets to know about a brand as most of the millennials spend their time online browsing.

Social media has become the new platform for boosting businesses and can especially help start-ups to gain recognition of their brand on a small budget. Social media marketing works by posting advertisements on social media networks which are popular such as Instagram, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, YouTube, Pinterest and are constantly updated by posting fresh and relevant content. Social media marketing is beneficial because of its low-cost of ads and high reach of ads to people of all ages. With targeted marketing social media can select a specific audience who might be interested in their product with the use of keywords and hash tags. Social media not only promotes a brand but also builds links with  potential customers. Before a business starts creating their social media campaigns, they should consider their business goals and create a marketing strategy to target an audience which will attract potential customers towards their brand.

If a business wants to create a social media page, then they should be creative in order to attract more customers towards their page and should constantly update their posts and videos on their page. A business can create brand awareness by connecting with other influencers who have mass following on social media by collaborating with them. They can  also  do this by receiving “shout outs” which is a way of promoting one’s brand by giving them a mention on a page with mass following by putting up information of their social media page, these are often paid. Despite all these efforts, social media marketing can still fail if the social media page is not garnering the determined results as every like, comment and share on a post serves a purpose. A business through its social media page can check whether their page is impactful or not by taking a poll e.g. Instagram, Facebook. In order to create a good social media presence through posts a business can also hire blog writers in order to get fine and polished content in order to maintain professionalism which attracts potential customers.

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