Video Marketing


Video Marketing

Using video to promote or market your brand, product or service is called as video marketing. Initially the video content was posted on YouTube but now the base has widened. Video is also accessible to anyone with internet access, both to watch and to produce. Now every popular social media application has the option of uploading videos and sharing them and even giving an opportunity to upcoming creators to produce and publish content on their applications, thus, reaching a wider range of audience. Video marketing/production is more effective and successful as compared to other forms of marketing as people are more interested in watching videos containing animation and often consists of a speaker rather than reading a blog as it takes lesser time and is more entertaining and engaging.

Every type of marketing needs a strategy figured out before hand to be implemented to make it successful and the same goes with video marketing. A business needs to create a channel or a page on social media applications where most of the crowd is active daily, thus, giving prominence to applications like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even snapchat as it is an application mainly created for making videos and taking selfies. The videos uploaded to these sites or applications needs to be short and well-timed as no one would be interested to watch long videos, except the editing of the video is unique and crisp. The style of editing also creates an impact on the viewer and can prove to be a make or break point of your marketing strategy.

A business can also popularize itself using affiliate marketing by paying a popular youtuber or collaborating with them to promote their brand. A business should respond and listen to the advice of their viewers who are commenting on their video to improve their content. Just like social media marketing, video marketing gives an opportunity to businesses with small budgets an equal standing with big budget companies.  Entertaining videos can drive more traffic towards their channel leading to increased revenue. Using popular hash tags in the video are an important factor in the ranking of the YouTube videos. After uploading the video, a notification should be put up on the app to inform the followers about the video. In order to stay relevant, the channel should constantly be posting, not just for the sake of posting but posting valid content.

The content in the video should be relatable targeting to the specific audience and should create an emotional connection and trust with the customers/viewers. A product video can be created either by using graphics and animation or by a speaker interacting with the viewers and can be changed based on the reviews they receive. Creating video content rather than posting online makes a company stand out from the crowd and helps to engage with their customers, improves SEO, expands research options and creates new ideas, leading to brand development.

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