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Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the emerging platforms to get high-quality traffic directed back to your website through world-class social media optimization services. Promoting a website on LinkedIn is not a new concept, though the businesses have realized it relatively late. Consult ‘Smart It Centre’ for a quality assistance as we have pre-made customizable LinkedIn marketing strategies for all kinds of businesses

Social Media Marketing Packages

₹ 7500.00/mo 

₹ 15000.00/mo 

₹ 25000.00/mo 

₹ 35000.00/mo 

Identify Business Goals

Account Management

Any 1 Platforms

Any 2 Platforms

Any 3 Platforms

Any 4 Platforms

Analyze Your Audiences

Create Social Media Calendar

Create a Content Strategy

Identify Hashtags

Social Trending

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