About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision is to expand globally and provide the Best IT Servies all over the globe. SmartItcentre believes in Customer Satisfaction and building long term relationships.

Key elements of our value system include Passion for Excellence, Trust, Innovation, Integrity, Transperency, Teamwork.

Our Mission

We endeavor to delight customers through quality, performance and innovation, employing best practices and technical wisdom to not only deliver "Customized solutions and support" but also a complete collaborative business experience.

Our Approach

For many enterprise companies, tens to hundreds to millions of dollars are poured into their website each year, on everything from design, content, media, SEO, promotion, and advertising, to hosting, infrastructure, and more.

After all, a website is the Grand Central Station of a company’s digital universe… it’s deserves to look at its best!

Before we talk about how we are transforming Enterprise productivity, let’s start with a quick look at what our organizations are faced with. Our work environment is going through a fundamental transformation, and we are seeing new behaviours enter the organization.

Physical and technical boundaries have broken down making workplaces dynamic workspace are. The lines between home and work are blurring. Few of us have the luxury of separating our personal and professional lives anymore.

Companies are moving towards progressive web applications to be operationally ready to adapt this quickly.

‘‘Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world’’.

With a projected 25.0% annual growth over the next 5 years, it is definitely be time to start investing in social media if you haven’t already.

Facebook is the biggest and arguably most powerful social network in the world with 1.55 billion active monthly users. Regardless if you are a startup or fortune 500 company, you need to be on Facebook and start *engaging with your consumers.

Twitter is known as the ‘‘in the moment’’ platform and boasts a respectful 255 million active monthly users. Twitter is a perfect online marketing tool for businesses that want to reach out to people (and are ready for a reply). The key is to be quick and smart. Instagram is a visual platform designed for customers to post, share, comment and engage through digital media. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

LinkedIn is regarded as the professional social networking site. LinkedIn largely focuses on b2b marketing rather than b2c.

Google +, Youtube, Foursquare and Pintrest are other social network sites that harshly miss out on the list. And then there’s Snapchat, the new kid on the block, who recently recorded six billion daily views.

Mastering digital customer experience and digital operational excellence is a journey.

Many firms proudly point to their mobile app and proclaim “Hey, we’re digital!” While they may be driving incremental revenue at best, all they have done is bolt on another touchpoint to their existing business model. Beneath the surface the business remains the same. Digital transformation requires the integration of both digital customer experience (DCX) and digital operational excellence (DOX)

Digital businesses understand that if they are to win in the age of the customer, customer experience is their only differentiator. Success means investing in customer experience as a discipline within your organization. Your customers’ interactions with your products, your services, and your digital touchpoints are now part of an experience ecosystem that defines customer value. Rather than treating digital as a channel, focus on delivering digitally enhanced experiences that add value in the context of the customer’s needs across all channels.

At the same time, digital businesses don’t just focus on customer touch points, they also use digital to drive operational agility in service of customers.